Physics Labs
All the amazing labs that occur in the Physics class!

Constant Velocity Lab

The goal of this lab was to take an object moving at a constant velocity and measure its speed in order to create an equation that we could use to determine the distance of the object at any amount of time.

Amber, Nikki, Jenna, Katie
The Newtonian Mechanics team used a Jenna, running for 36ft at a constant speed that we determined to be 1.125 ft/sec.

Tools: 1 Human, 1 Tape Measure, 1 iPad to basically use as an expensive stop watch

We took the Jenna and placed her at point A. We had her run for 36ft while the iPad recorded her running. We went through a complicated and useless five minutes of trying to figure out what the graphs on the iPad meant and gave up, the good old Distance/Time=Velocity. That gave us a surprisingly relatively constant speed of 1.125ft/sec. We mixed that into an equation to tell us what distance she would have gone if we'd kept her running. Distance=1.125(t)ime.

There's a purpose to all this nonsense. What did this lab teach us about physics? Well, first of all, people don't necessarily move at a constant velocity but we can pretend they work like cars when we need to. For science! Measuring velocity can be a bit annoying but we can use this information to determine equations or how objects with constant velocity move.

Audie, Niki, Zara, Zach
Velocity of Red car is .41 m/s
Equation: D= .41(T)


Steven, Victor, Michael, Tyler

We found the constant velocity of our red car to be approximately 0.32 m/s
Therefore, our equation for finding the distance it travels in a certain amount of time is: d=0.32(t)